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Well, it would not be useful to compare vinyl and CD. Also, being an owner of expensive turntables and amps does not entitle one to use phrases like "only people with a very limited experience of audio storage mediums". Vinyls are analog media and good vinyls played through a good system would give very good reproductions. CDs, as well as other digital media, require sound to be chopped up and stored, and on playback they are re-assembled into little rectangular bits, then smoothed over to resemble analog. In theory, therefore, there must be differences in their sounds. Furthermore, vinyls requires a magnetic pickup that sits in a groove. Like it or not there is no such thing as a perfect vinyl on a perfect turntable such that the pickup does not pick up some wobble. As such, the overall sound differs from CD. Some love it and some, based strictly on technicalities, find it hard to embrace. But it certainly is not due to a lack of experience in any area for one to prefer vinyl sounds.

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