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VMware survives GPL breach case, but plaintiff promises appeal

Hans 1

>BSD-inspired code

Define "BSD-inspired code" ... very loose term. We are talking code-lifting here, as in, I copy 1000 lines of code, change a few variable names, change indentation, and claim the lot is my brain-child. Not GNU cat, for example, which was inspired by UNIX cat. At the time, there were copyright disputes for the BSD flavor of UNIX, so they could not lift the code.

>I don't really care, but I bet you cannot prove that.

There is, ex ZFS, but most is original work.

The GPL is there so that a company does not use Linux without releasing the code of the Linux kernel they are using. If they make changes to the kernel, they MUST share them with the world. VMWare does not do this although they appear to be using substantial parts of the kernel (according to the dev), they'll lose if the dev is right, eventually.

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