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VMware survives GPL breach case, but plaintiff promises appeal

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WTF ? Seriously, WTF? A great number of proprietary software houses abuse BSD's "openness" and never give anything back ... look at the worst bloatware purveyor on this planet, namely Microsoft, they have repeatedly taken stuff from BSD, most notably, its TCP/IP stack.

Well, clearly the BSD guys are cool with that, otherwise their license wouldn't be written the way it is.

And as you mention Microsoft and the BSD stack in particular, you are being a ignorantly harsh on them. I have glanced at the Darwin source code, which is available from Apple, and is based on FreeBSD. And there, right in the heart of the stack source code, is a whole load of comments related to Windows.

Yes that's right. MS have taken the stack code, made some changes, and then pushed them back to the community where they have been accepted (at least by some other parties). So shove that rabid anti-MS all-commercial-is-bad attitude back in your head an let it fester there.

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