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'4K' is only really a marketing term, but a useful one - the screen is almost 4,000 pixels wide, and the screens have nearly 4 times the resolution of 'HD' screens.

I can't really think of a better, easily grokkable term for them: 'SuperDuperUltraHD' or somesuch would only confuse consumers after the whole 'HD Ready / Full HD / i / p' kerfuffle.

UltraHD TVs can be very nice - not because of the extra pixels, but because of the greater dynamic range that is contained within the standard. A friend of mine recently bought an OLED 4K TV, which cost about 4 times more than a LCD/LED 4K TV... but the image is gorgeous.

Annoyingly, few 4K TVs have DisplayPort inputs, and few non-gaming graphics cards have HDMI 2.0 output yet. For sure, most 4K TVs can access 4K content by themselves (Netflix et al), but it would be nice to have a 4K computer display for pictures and the like.

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