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Weather (wind) is the biggest issue for airships, this is what destroyed the ingenious USA airship based aircraft carriers.

One of them flew into the ocean for unknown reasons. A prominent theory is that their altimeter was grossly out of calibration, they found themselves suddenly approaching the looming surface in stormy night conditions, and they dipped their stern into the water at speed by applying hard up elevator.

Controlled flight into terrain is still a recurring problem in HTA flight after all these years and experience.

The other one was lost due to a structural flaw which they knew about and were IGNORING. Not simple vulnerability to "wind".

Funny, Graf Zeppelin flew over 1.7 million km in 9 years, encountering severe weather on many occasions, including a violent hailstorm, but never displayed any structural or flight endangerment due to weather. The sole exception was a single incident on her first crossing where some fabric ripped when she was mishandled penetrating a severe wather front.

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