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No mention of the Hindenburg?

A staple of these sorts of articles is a mention of the Hindenburg, I'm surprised the author mentioned the R101 but not the even more famous (infamous?) Hindenburg disaster.

The author also makes the common mistake of confusing airships with blimps. An airship has a rigid frame (clearly visible in the pictures of the burning Hindenburg) that contains the gas bags and supports everything else, while a blimp is a big balloon that relies on being filled with gas to maintain it's shape.

It's not really clear just what the Atlant craft are, they may be a sort of hybrid.

In any case it doesn't really matter. I've long been a fan of lighter than air craft, it just makes so much sense for heavy hauling and even long distance passenger transport. It may take longer to get there but the fuel costs would be dramatically less than an airliner.

Now if we could just figure out how to build them with "gasbags" filled with nothing by high grade vacuum...

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