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Linux malware? That'll never happen. Ok, just this once then



I've been linux advocate for almost 25 years. I've been an *enterprise* linux admin for 15. I have background in... Mainframe (MVS/zOS/IMS/CICS/mq, VAX, networking, hardware support (Printers/Tapedrives/SNx controllers), HPUX, Solaris. I've built hundreds of PCs over the years for family and close friends (for new kids in the it biz DO NOT do that).

Simply put, if you *investigate* and *work* at it any application can be installed in it's own user account on any OS, there tends to be a ch**ton of work *prior* to the install and there has to be relevantly appropriate comprehension on the part of the installer at run time, but it *can* be done in almost *all* cases. In some *very* few cases special permissions (both *nix and *dows) may be needed on specific binaries to keep things operational.

Major issue: most admins/app owners have insufficient TIME.


Time to LEARN

Time to work on DOING IT RIGHT.

I've had almost 30 years in IT getting various portions of my anatomy singed off in various ways. I now have sufficient karma to tell folks to go to hell while I figure out how to do it well. If not *right*.

If you install and run as (root/Administrator) any application, the first time someone finds a hole in that application, your entire *environment* is immediately at risk in any case.

<Yes, I'm seriously a grumpy old fart this morning. Send me to fix a raid 5 array with one dead disk and one failing on write commit errors. BACKUPS!>

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