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"Any dual-booting Win10'ers out there? Does it still completely trash your MBR every time you do an install?"

It's hard for me to consider myself a dual booter because I sometimes go for a year without booting into Windows on my personal desktop (at work I run Windows in a virtual machine). However, I currently have a Windows installation because my brother plays a certain game that wouldn't work correctly under wine the last I looked. This makes it so I boot Windows more often just to maintain it than to actually use it.

What I decided about dual booting quite a while ago is that, if possible, you should just use a separate hard drive for the Windows installation. That way, you can just install it as normal and then let Linux take care of the boot selection process while Windows remains blissfully ignorant of the fact that it is not the primary OS. Of course, on a laptop, this may not be an option, depending on whether it has interfaces for multiple disks (I haven't done this on my laptop, but my current one actually has three drive interfaces, though two of them are for NGFF drives, but you can get a 512 GB NGFF drive these days).

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