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That quote 'from Zerohedge' in a 2016 article was first published five years ago in the Guardian:

Obviously that was before it turned into the New Guardian (same relationship as between Labour and New Labour). No more Scott Trust in charge so the Guardian can maintain its standards without worrying about editorial independence, it's now Scott Trust Ltd [1], facts are no longer sacred, they're frequently just inconvenient when there's a pro-corporate line to be followed.

More recently still the New Guardian has turned into yet another outlet for "drivel as news", in particular recently from the unelectable AnyoneButCorbyn faction.

Meanwhile the red ink on the balance sheet gets bigger as the readership (especially paying readership) gets smaller and smaller. Can't imagine why.

It's a pleasant surprise to find that one of the two authors of the 2011 article (Ian Cobain) still works at the Guardian. The clock is ticking though.


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