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It's a pretty typical Gavin Clarke article, tbh. It's riddled with factual inaccuracies, and it's laid out in a series of 1-sentence paragraphs, causing it to read like a powerpoint slide (or someone's lecture notes). It contradicts itself repeatedly, then states the blindingly obvious. Finally, it comes to no conclusions whatsoever, all the while basking in the pretense of it's own profundity. The net effect is that it reads like it was written by a 3rd grader from the shallow end of the talent pool.

Added to this awful command of the written language is the fact that Gavin shows no real evidence of knowing or understanding anything about computers beyond what you can pick up from one of those 'I'm a Mac' adverts in the mid-2000s. Almost every PC in the last decade has shipped with 4GB of RAM or more, and most modern machines have at least 8GB. Windows 10 in-place upgrade failures weren't commonplace, and it ran comfortably on any hardware that could cope with 7 or 8. I very much doubt Gav has ever installed Windows on anything, or even used it much, for that matter; I'd be surprised if he has owned any hardware that doesn't have an apple sticker on it since 2005 (and that 1-sentence-paragraph style just screams 'written on my iPad').

In sum, it's badly written, badly argued, and badly researched. What passes for it's opinion is rendered meaningless by the author's weak grasp of the subject matter, like a cab driver outlining his plan for root-and-branch reform of the Eurozone. As with almost every one of Gav's articles, I'm left wondering why a man who knows almost nothing about IT and writes with the fluency of a man translating a VCR manual from Japanese into Welsh has a job as a tech journalist.

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