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I ran the Anniversary update on the nettop I use as a dumb terminal and print server. Things went downhill from there, but not, so far, subterranean.

Windows changed a bunch of UI and locale settings. The WIA driver grabbed one core and wouldn't let go. Reinstalled the latest Canon drivers, but they don't do anything.

Old Win10 problems with USB drivers not recovering from sleep have not been fixed.

This hardware combo has been working OK since Win7, via Win 8 and 8.1. So if you use USB, it is, conservatively, the worst update in five years. That said, MS set the bar high. I hope this is an outler.

No Linux because I need a proper RDP client and Canon drivers, please don't start.

Clients running Pro seem to allow me to 'defer upgrades'. A VM running Home does not.

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