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Another lazy hardware bod looking for someone else to do his job

Apple is in the business of selling computers. If you're a hardware vendor maybe look at what they do.

But unlike Apple, MS is insisting that you can't sell minimally powered soon-to-be-obsolete new machines labeled for the current operating system.

No, MS is not in the business of selling your computers for you. Neither is Linux.

MS has a split interest in appealing to vendors, but also protecting its customers.

And since it makes much more revenue from customers (for software and training) than vendors that split is not even. MS is watching out more for customers than for vendors.

Yes, Windows 10 Anniversary Update boosted the requirements for a Windows logo sticker on NEW machines. This is to ensure that newly purchased machines don't go obsolete too quickly.

NO, Windows 10 Anniversary Update does not require any additional resources from existing machines.

In addition, there have been very few desktops and laptops sold in the past 5 years with less than 4 GB, so I don't know what inspired the following strange statement:

"Windows 10 Anniversary Update – which we recently revealed has been freezing computers – puts more pressure on the hardware, demanding at least 2GB of memory, so only those running really recent machines with Windows 7 and 8.1 will realistically be able to start running the Anniversary Update"

I suspect that the freezing computers are often occurring because neither MS nor users nor admins are checking their antivirus is compatible with the Anniversary Update.

That is a mistake I made.

In my case my issues were solved by uninstalling and reinstalling my Kaspersky Total Security.

Let us have more honesty and less hype. Let us have people doing their own jobs and not expecting other people to do their jobs for them.

Windows 10 will run on phones for gosh sakes, so it certainly runs on first generation 2 GB Core i3 laptop systems, provided they don't have exotic peripherals or software.

Of course it helps a great deal if the person doing the update knows to check for AV, video, sound, network and printer compatibility before doing the update. Home users have a bit of an excuse since they can't be expected to know that -- home users can legitimately complain that MS should be doing that for them. But an IT professional lacking that knowledge? It points to a failure in hiring and training.

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