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And I found the 3-finger alt-tab thing accidentally and though 'useful'.

I like the idea of back/forward too, not sure if I would prefer it because a swipe on the touch screen does the forward/back thing anyway.

I have an HP and it has set the device to be a clickpad, which it is according to the HP website.

I note that the synaptics device control I see is supposed to enhance the 3-finger task control but I can't make it do what it says it can do (switch between apps in task mode). It also can't assign that action to any operation (which ISTR used to be possible). The HP web page discusses in-app control for 3-finger operation.

TBH, I find it quicker to either just touch the window I want or move the pointer and tap rather than drag a finger along to have the highlight move and then select.

If I need a lot of control and do real work, I use the wireless mouse anyway so the click/touch pad matters a lot less to me.

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