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Breaking 350 million: What's next for Windows 10?

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Microsoft's problem is that they forgot what they were selling. They can't see past the gravy of their stockholders and advertising revenue and have forgotten about the meat and potatoes underneath...that is that a large bunch of fairly happy users -the people buying the equipment- are required to make the whole thing work.

The "new corporate strategy" of fuck absolutely everything that isn't about our profit and convenience would maybe work for other products; but an operating system is different because there's a degree of trust required. Not to mention that -by physically inserting themselves between users and their business of using computers to do whatever it is they want to do there's an almost infinite amount of things that can go wrong (which Microsoft seem already to be exploring). I deal with other people's passwords, so even if I wanted to drink the kool-aid (I don't), it would be legally and morally wrong for me to knowingly install a surveillance device on the kit that I use for protection laws if nothing else.

And the elephant in the room...even if you (hah!) believe that Microsoft are using the data ethically, and selling only to hand-picked advertisers; what happens when they are inevitably hacked?

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