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Language shortsightedness


I have had a Windows 7 lappie since 2010, but only recently decided to try out its voice recognition software.

It begins by telling me that my voice must be British English to match the windows locale and language.

But then it insists I speak American English with a British voice. So the '#' key is not the 'hash key' but the 'number key' or the 'pound key'. The '£' key is the 'pound sterling' key. To select text I utter 'first through last', not 'from first to last'.

Finally, if I create a wordpad document from the keyboard, it is a British document. But if I create it by voice, it is an American document: 'favorable maneuver' rather then 'favourable manoeuvre'.

I hope they did a better language job with the French and other truly alien versions.

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