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That was Ethereum, and it just led to more problems because the people who set the whole thing up (who didn't know what they were doing) and then the "DAO" which got hacked (because they didn't know what they were doing) bungled the hard fork so badly that it needs another fork to fix (...because they didn't know what they were doing). Also, the hack was a direct result of the protocol, this one is the result of poor third party security.

But the whole point of pseudonymous, decentralised cryptocurrencies is that there is no central authority or control. Whether or not it could be achieved, forking the bitcoin blockchain to reverse this hack goes against the core principle of the system.

And that's (one of many reasons) why bitcoin (and its descendants) is such a ridiculous idea.

On top of that, bitcoin's developers haven't even been able to agree on how to deal with congestion. Half of the devs want to simply increase the block size, which you'd think was the sensible solution. The other half want to preserve the congestion so that the company they work for can introduce some vapourware at some unspecified time in the future that they promise will solve the problem. Then there are the (primarily Chinese) miners who don't want it increased too far lest their internet connections fail to keep up, costing them money. And they're all behaving like insane children.

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