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Re: "Where every customer is a perpetual unpaid beta tester."

"Not every customer. I set group policy in Pro 10 to delay these updates by six months."

yeah, you USED to be able to do that, huh? Well, it's been "fixed" from what I've read.

When Micro-shaft LAID OFF all of their testing staff, they started relying on "insiders" to do their beta (read: alpha) testing. Now your average "insider" (who didn't unofficially *LEAVE* the program) is a fanboi sycophantic SUCK UP to anything Micro-shaft. So you can expect LOTS of ass-kissing approval of anything, and testing ONLY on the most limited range of computer hardware available (like Surface laptops and things that came WITH Windows 8.x or Win-10-nic pre-installed).

THAT would have been the "alpha" test.

THEN, it's released for Home (and now, Pro) users, and it becomes the new BETA test.

Oops, they did it again. They nuked your machine. etc. [sounds best of sung by Brittney, heh].

And _I_ thought that maybe the anniversary release was like "SP1", after which you MIGHT be able to assume some actual STABILITY. But then again, I remembered: Win-10-nic!

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