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Windows 10 Anniversary Update is borking boxen everywhere

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I will wager all those installations that have failed are upgrades. Clean installation every time with every version of Windows (yes, even XP and 7 which seem to get some kind of love). Maybe some of the others that failed are FUD installations with bits stripped out, turned off or blocked by 3rd party fiddling.

The tools are better than ever, just before the update I migrated hard drive to SSD using System Image. File History works. Why would you proceed with an update without a backup?

The only issue I have with W10 is the Start Menu and I have replaced it with SIB because it gives me the Windows 7 Start Menu functionality in a nice visual style.

Only forward steps.

Been using Edge since AU and I can't install some extensions on my laptop whereas I can on my desktop. Thought that extensions (particularly plug-ins) are not an area where you would expect flawless operation so as long as it's ironed out soon it'll be nothing untoward.

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