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Broken BitBank Bitfinex shaves 36% from all accounts

Roq D. Kasba

In God We Trust

Because every other fucker is out to get us.

I get it, bitcoin is very clever and has some advantages for transfers and for its grey position as a currency making it harder to track and tax. A lot of people, though, seemed to speculate on the pseudocurrency using irrationality and lack of understanding to pump and dump leaving the tabloid money section investors in the shit. I'm wondering how many of the existing accounts and value is held by the same speculators, how much by money launderers, and how much by cyberextortion ransomware companies, how much by darknet child pornographers and addictive substance suppliers, and how much by the average Joe holding a few to pay for essential groceries.

My hunch is that almost everyone affected is someone I don't care was affected, and may they suffer their losses with good grace.

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