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In the 'sharing economy' *you* pay when sites get hacked

"In the 'sharing economy' *you* pay when sites get hacked"

Scuse me, but who do you think pays when Bad Things happen in ANY part of the economy?

In the UK (admittedly not the subject of the article) it's largely the punters, often with some collateral damage to the workforce in general, and occasionally with some impact on shareholders.

Example of the month this week in the UK is the department store chain BHS. A former boss (who denies even being the boss, and blames either his wife or his successor) who represents the modern "unacceptable face of capitalism" has allegedly treated the company as his own personal piggy bank (just as Conrad Black, of Telegraph fame, once did with his media empire, and as others have done and will do).

Conrad Black was at least charged (in the USA), tried, found guilty, sentenced, and locked up.

But it was, and is, and probably will be, largely the customers and employees who paid. And in Black's case, the shareholders - it was they who led the prosecution.

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