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My Manjaro installs have done it to me a few times. That's the downside of a rolling release.

However!! none of those breakages required a re-installation. The very worst of the lot only required me to swap video output to the onboard Intel to rollback the nvidia driver. Why they don't have "downgrade" as a default installed program is a mystery to me, it's extremely useful for those of us who sometimes let 5 months of patches happen all at once.

Actually, all the worst breakages that have ever happened to my Linux machines have happened because a Windows re-install overwrote the boot record. Those needed a CD boot and a chroot.

Any dual-booting Win10'ers out there? Does it still completely trash your MBR every time you do an install?

Actually if I recall correctly, some of these newest issues happen because it manages to trash it's own version of the MBR and renders itself unbootable. That takes skill.

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