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Me too. But here is my 2 cents worth about anti vaxxers:

I am vaccinated. My kids are vaccinated. My parents were vaccinated. OK, that should tell you

that I am not an anti-vaxxer.

The first explanation is totally unscientific. A child/baby that was already on the way to be autistic

gets vaccinated. There are side effects. Cramps, contortions, screaming, blue in the face, etc.

The parents go through this, and then after the child is diagnosed autistic, they go through a full on

"post hoc ergo propter hoc" conniption. Meaning, they believe that since the bad stuff started right after the vaccination, it must have been because of the vaccination. Easy mistake to make. Now if the same thing happens per chance several times in one smaller community, people get together, and talk, and

compare notes, and before you know it, the anti vaccination movement is born. Add the internet, stir and

it makes 1,000,000 servings of a great conspiracy theory. That's one way of looking at it.

The second explanation is a bit more complicated:

a) Since we scientifically know and appreciate as a fact, that a properly working immune system is necessary for vaccinations to work (meaning, a working immune system has to react and produce the antibodies, that actually make the vaccination work.),


b) since we also know that in this day and age, some babies will be born with a compromised, or not yet

fully working immune system (in part because nursing a baby from the mothers breast is not even considered "proper" anymore, in some parts of the world at least, such as USA),


c) as we know for a fact that the immune system of the mother literally gets transferred via the mother's

milk, which does not happen without natural nursing,


d) doctors and hospitals willl want to vaccinate the baby as soon as possible after being born, in part

due to legal liability concerns, (Baby dies unvaccinated, you pay, baby dies vaccinated, you're OK).

it could potentially dawn upon us that the vaccination of babies with compromised or not yet fully developed immune systems could lead to a variety of unexpected side effects.

To this day, I think, no specific method exists to determine whether the baby is either

"immune compromised" or "not yet ready for vaccination". Correct me if am wrong on this.

Because, I am not a doctor, and I don't even play a doctor on TV. But trying to reason things out

has always fascinated me. If what I know is wrong, or incomplete, then I am wrong, of course.

Yet it's always nice to be right, in an effortless genius sort of way.

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