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Win 10 "upgade" complete reinstall

Microsoft’s Windows 10 offer was one of the most unprecedented offers Microsoft made in the past few years. Typically, Microsoft would offer Windows updates to users via servicing packs and patch updates for free for the lifetime of the OS, then give consumers the opportunity to pay for updates to the new OS. Of course, most consumers typically stuck to the old version of the OS with updates only happening when people got new PCs/Tablets when their old one broke.

With Microsoft’s Windows 10 update, all that’s changed. Now the new update is being offered for free – not “free” – but free to users on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 devices. Over 350 million have already upgraded to Windows 10 and use it daily, so Microsoft’s off to a good start. With the free upgrade period coming to a close, some users of Microsoft’s older OS may be unsure of what to do. Whether to update now, or hang on to their old tried and true OS.

Typically people who are against upgrading to Windows 10 often cite this as a reason not to update. Some believe that “apps” are useless and should be confined to the realm of the smartphone or tablet. After all, the browser can do everything for you, with little or no fuss. That may be true to some extent, but Universal Windows apps offer value for users who choose to use them. I watch my YouTube Videos ad free with MyTube and TubeCast. I enjoy reading articles on the train offline with Poki – a pocket client. I listen to music with Groove Music and I write my articles in Flatnotes before pasting them into WordPress. Apps aren’t just useless toys, they can be tools to help you get through your day with as little fuss as possible.

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