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EMC now spruiking PCs and thin clients, not Compellent


yet, 3PAR it is good enough for most customers! I have spent 5 years in EMC so I know what a VNX can and cannot do.

Flash Compellent? show we someone who uses it ...I fail to find any customers with compellent storage and I talk to quite a few nowdays: everyone seems to have a either emc or hp/3par, nimble and pure.

You have listed a a few technical speed/feeds which people stopped caring about long time ago, all they want is cheap price when they buy storage hence nimble is doing so great.

Then, if you look at the storage numbers in the past say 3 Q's, hp was doing quite well where EMC and Dell were both struggling, nobody really knows how well Pure is doing. HP did quite well tho' ! EMC was helped by the XtremIO numbers as VNX and VMAX were sht!

I speak now from a non-storage point of view as I don't work for EMC anymore - just what I observe with the customers I talked to and the feedback on certain storage array's I get from them. Having said all this, EMC will know how to sell even a shit storage array, s (like the vnx 1 was for example or the first vnxe)

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