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LOL actually Trump is looked apon by the right wing in the republican party as to liberal , the republican tea party movement hate him with a vengeance and those are the back stage players trying to stop him from within , Clinton is another cuckoo in the nest and to be honest I don't see her as any less worse or better than trump .

1. both have less than stellar pasts.

2. both are no stranger to corruption and failure.

3. both would be a security risk trump through stupidity and Hillary through negligence.

Still Mr. trump never had one of his advisers steal documents from the national archives like Samuel Berger.

Trump might destroy the future but Hillary will rewrite the past so she makes sure she does not get the blame.

SO although many down voted you for suggesting TRUMP is the best bet , using Donald and best in the same sentence precludes putting Trump in there ...maybe Duck.

But there is no best option both are equally scary as a president

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