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EMC now spruiking PCs and thin clients, not Compellent


Compellent is not a great product. 3PAR is! Not sure VNX is either but EMC know how to sell stuff.

The one with the bigger market share will win, there is no doubt about that.

Since Dell bought Compellent there has been no innovation, no flash, no NAS, no object store... no proper investment, to roadmaps - customers are pissed off and the small number of those who bought it would never buy it again, especially with Dell's Nutanix offering and other more up to date.

So yeah, of course EMC will probably take over and kill EL, Compellent, fade out OEM partnerships like Nutanix, etc Chad was clear about how "they will support existing customers" but also how they would not necessarily have plans to runs both products long term in parallel. (I just reduce Chad loooong post into a sentence but basically that's what I've got out of it.) Time will tell, as always, but to the massive EMC portfolio of over probably now 6000 products another few products lines that compete even more internally is not really what EMC needs right now.

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