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The old notion of tidy "left" and "right" classifications never were very accurate. For instance, on a number of issues, Sanders came across as a fairly hard nationalist - quite "right", while the Libertarian party (and candidate) support for LGBTQ rights and loosening on recreational drug use ("left") is a bit at odds with their rejection of foreign adventurism ("right"). The Democratic party, with Clinton, covers a broad spectrum as well. Trump is Trump, and it is nearly pointless to try to categorize him or his beliefs and policy positions, but down-ticket, the Republicans, like the Democrats, cover a range that is modified significantly by their perceptions of voter leanings in their state or electoral district, where they must compete with other relatively local candidates to gain a plurality or, in some cases, a majority, of the vote. Within such districts, the ideological spread between the major party candidates very often is quite small, and much smaller than the spread between candidates of the same party in districts a thousand or two thousand miles apart.

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