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Eddy Ito

Re: The one thing all the media, and this one too, won't be telling you...

Sorry Dadmin but the only fucktards which decided who to vote for months or years ago are the closed minded non-thinking lever monkeys who simply pull the big D or R lever to select a straight party ticket. Granted that may actually cover about 1/2 the electorate but the rest of us like to keep our options open and are somewhat more savvy than the people of your little dystopian vision of reality.

I myself have probably converted several voters some in the primary and most in the general election. Most of those were Ds and Rs who were going to pinch their noses so as to not smell the stench of their vote but are now actually excited to vote third party. Sure, some are going L and others G but that's not the point. The point is realizing that voting third party isn't throwing your vote away, the particular monkey in the White House isn't that important to your daily life, and the only way anything is going to change is if there are fewer folks voting for the lesser of two idiots and stop being a victim of the two party cartel.

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