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Don't want to vote for Clinton or Trump? How about this woman who says Wi-Fi melts kids' brains?


Would you really want to take the chance?

Of Trump being president?

Whatever your political affiliations are, I would think that having HC for president as the best chance of preventing an absolute turd for brain lunatic like Trump would be the best of the bad options. And no, I don like her that much either, but she seems largely rational even if technically challenged. Johnson+Weld,.. Stein,.. well,.. to be honest there is something really wrong with the US that of all the politicians it is impossible to find some better qualified presidential candidates than the whole lot of em. I guess if anyone needed to find proof against the notion of intelligent design, you'd only have to take a look at the deplorable state of what is happening there. Or would it be a ploy of (supreme uber being of choice) to enact Armageddon, wipe the slate and try again with something more social like small insects?

If I weren't so afraid of lots of nukes at the whim of the next president, I would be having a great time looking at the circus of the US election. But it is just too bloody serious to really enjoy. Do they add acid to the water or have they all been sniffing too much glue? Maybe there is something about radio signals being bad for your brain after all. Damn! Stein may be on to something!

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