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John Sanders

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What has he said that is extreme?

That the USA should pull out of the middle east and stop senseless wars there?

That uncontrolled migration for the sake of cheap salaries should be controlled?

That the corporations are moving American jobs to 3rd world countries, China, Mexico, India?

What? what exactly, I want examples out of the horse's mouth.

Because so far I haven't heard anything that is not within the powers of POTUS.

I'm no fan of Trump (I'm no fan of any politician, they're all crooked aristocracy in my book***) but nothing that the man has said so far is too far from what a silent majority of people think.

I think Trump gets bashed by the MSM relentlessly in stark contrast with the lack of coverage of Clinton's shenanigans. (BBC Propaganda much?)

***If you want further proof check any leaked information about a bunch of politicians, including but not just the DNC leak.

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