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(In)significant figures

This comment was posted privately to me, to spare my blushes maybe, but I figured it deserved a public posting anyway:-

"2.7e9 is greater than 2.65e9?

I would like to see another significant figure in that revenue report of $2.7 billion if it is being claimed that it exceeds a prediction of 2.65 billion.

So, a closer look, since I am a little bored and this might be a quick practice problem-

Seagate's Q4 supplemental report shows disk revenues of 2.455 billion (possibly erroneously reported as $2.455m in the article [ since corrected; thanks.] ) plus Flash/other of $0.199 billion, for a total of $2.654 billion. This matches the details of the Q4 report even though their own press release says $2.7 billion.

Technically 2.654 can be reported as 2.7, but I think maybe the opening paragraph is a little misleading? Or optimistic?"

Neat, huh?

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