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"Trump remains the only sensible option, though. No hidden agenda. He can't hide anything with that ego or mouth. You know what you get upfront."

"Plus, his [Trump's] more extreme actions will be rendered harmless by congress and the senate (so Obama found out)."

But don't you find those two statements a little incongruous?

The fact that so much that comes out of his mouth is 'extreme' and, as you say, highly unlikely to get through congress and the senate, what then is his actual agenda? What policies does he have that are going to make it through?

The problem is not that he has a 'hidden' agenda but that that his 'agenda', such as it stands, seems to be to get elected by appealing to the prejudices of disturbingly large sections of American voters. To say that he does this shamelessly is an understatement.

But what happens if he does win the Presidency?

By your admission, and that of even some long-time supporters, many of the 'policies' he has shouted into his echo chamber are not going to eventuate - so how will he actually function as a president? He has no experience in politics, save giving money for favourable treatment, and his personality and inter-personal skills are hardly such as one would hold up as a model of decorum or diplomacy.

How will he be able to interact with congress, let alone foreign governments and heads of state?

The bluster and beligerence he wears like a second skin may make him popular with a certain subset of people domestically, but what will be the result when that 'ego' and 'mouth' - neither of which he seems willing or able to suppress - becomes the face of the US rest of the world? How can someone who loudly and unapologetically promises to prevent Muslims from coming to America work productively with the many Muslim allies the US enjoys? Not to mention, you know, a few mildly important Gulf nations.

What will discussion with the EU look like, given his support of the opinions of Nigel Farage and his claims that the UK are experiencing their 'independence day' and his position that, now that the UK is out from under the rule of the bureaucratic EU, everything will be better?

Because that, at its heart, seems to be Trump's core platform: that everything wrong with the US can be fixed by making the US, well, a bully. And that's what people supporting him are really supporting - his bullyish attitude. Far from being a concern, his arrogance and unwillingness to ever admit a mistake, much less accept culpability - preferring instead to double-down - appears to be what his supporters are attracted to, because that, seemingly, is what they want the US to be.

They are Andrea Tantaros' "America is awesome" turned into a political force. They are the idea that anything America does is, ipso facto, right and so any admission of error or - heaven forbid - apology is anti-American.

Not that I like Clinton a whole lot more as she is a model of the duplicitous, self-interest that pervades politics is nearly all countries. In that regard she is similar to Trump. The important difference - if it must be one or the other - is that she actually experienced and has proven herself able to exist in the swirling an complex world that is international dimplomacy.

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