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No, he won't win, but at least I can vote for him without feeling like I've sold my soul in the process. After watching him and Bill Weld compared to the Dem and GOP circuses it's like they're the only adults in the room. Saying that he'd strongly consider pardoning people like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and Ross Ulbrich certainly doesn't hurt his case in my eyes. He's solidly at 10%-13% in the polls right now, so as protest votes go it'll at least show up in the final numbers.

Plus, the way electoral college votes are awarded in my state they'll all go hands-down to the Dem nominee even if they (hypothetically speaking) ran a blood-soaked warmongering Wall Street sellout rape apologist. Whoops, I guess they did do that. So anyway, I could vote for anyone or anything and it makes no difference in the actual outcome.

So faced with a choice of a nut on the left or a nut on the right, I'll just suck it up and take the Johnson. Besides, if by some miracle he does win then we have at least four years of cheap jokes (as opposed to four years of fatally expensive ones with the two mainstream candidates).

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