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Don't want to vote for Clinton or Trump? How about this woman who says Wi-Fi melts kids' brains?


The one thing all the media, and this one too, won't be telling you...

is this little-reverberated fact: people have already decided who to vote for months ago, years even. Anyone who says; "I'm on the fence." Is a fucktard who is pretending they haven't yet made up their tiny mind due to lack of <some bullshit> so they can get some attention. Like assholes who get tattoos. Everyone has decided, some will tell you, some won't, and no one, I repeat NO ONE will be changing their minds mid-stream while having some political epiphany because of some thing they read on the Internet, or saw on TV. It's already decided, except for the actual voting part. These "news items" are just crap to get you to tune into an otherwise boring as shit news day, guy. Get a clue.

The other interesting tidbit is this; whoever is president of the USA does not have that much influence on your day to day lives, idiot. The lack of "greatness" in your life is all due to YOU! And if it sucks, that's the truth trying to tell you you suck and are a dufus^2. Read some fucking books and pull yourself out of the fuckhole you're in. No vote or billionaire president is going to fix your shit life. Not one. It is known.

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