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Storage is Cheap

If you can share the "keys", just share the one time pad. Not very scalable, and very 1940's, but it works. After all, storage is cheap, sharing several TB of suitable entropy random data is pretty simple once you get over the key distribution bit.

Sig ver using key fragments. Kind of interesting, if you don't mind setting a level of confidence less than 100% that the sig verifies. On the other hand, sig ver is never really 100% in the figurative sense, since there is always the probability that the signing key was broken, purloined, or otherwise taken advantage of.

Since state actors are as close as 2 years to QC breaking real system keys on a production basis (vs. now, on a onesy twosy experimental basis), PQC schemes are getting closer to desperately needed from being nice to have, or even blue sky.

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