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My colleague installed a software suite which I will not name. It is a complicated beast -- a SQL server, lots of file servers with load balancing -- and the documentation is lousy. However there is a "state of health" app which we used to test the configuration.

First run, after checking that everything was OK: FAIL. So we contacted the local support provider who was unable to identify a root problem (after weeks) but elevated us to the manufacturer support team -- which was outsourced. The outsourcers were out of their depth and quickly flipped us over to the real manufacturer support team. Who could not find a problem.

Eventually somebody found the author of the "state of health" app who determined "Oops, that's a bug". Sorry folks for wasting a couple of months, but your implementation is fine and I should have got it right.

I don't know how to fix the disconnect between having a real problem and finding the person to fix it. Having worked in support roles, I know the many interpretations of problem.

I do know that if IT providers carried the cost of IT failure, real problems would be fixed more promptly.

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