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> A light tap on the side of the HD was enough to loosen the bearings and allow the disc to spin up.

I can also recommend a pair of (normal-sized) pliers held by the nose is just the right weight and the handle rubber just enough to enable just the right amount of tap without having to be too fussy about over-enthusiasm and/or frustration. It's also rather more discreet than a hammer when in an environment where non-technical management is more likely to fire a person than order a replacement HD.

In a box somewhere I have one labelled 'clout to start' and another marked 'manual twirl', a fun thing to try in a cramped case with that barely-reaching IDE cable without dislodging anything else or shorting it when dropping the only accessible screw that's required to keep the thing from falling on the fan.

The person who invented that mousetrap game definitely had a hand in some of the more 'innovative' case designs that are out there.

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