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Server vendor has special help desk for lying, incompetent sysadmins

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I've worked in various roles in IT and I can tell you that it is your employers (the IT Vendor's) fault:

1) Sales Reps tell customers that their system is so easy to operate that trained monkeys can do it.

-- > The Customer hires monkeys and pays them peanuts

2) The IT Vendor's Channel Sales organisation intentionally turns a blind eye on Partner Training and Certification, because there's a really big deal on the table they want to win.

-- > The partner stuffs up the install and has no clue how to fix the issue.

-- > Vendor SE is ass covering, referring to the specifications the Partner provided

-- > The Vendor gets dragged into the mess and the problem ends up with support

3) Vendor Support is initially unable to exclude a software bug or hardware fault

-- > Vendor Support ends up validating the customer's solution architecture

-- > Finally somebody needs to stick his/her head out informing the customer its neither SW or HW

-- > Vendor Support Management gets upset and now also hires monkeys to match the skill level of customer and Partner

4) Weeks later the issue is still not resolved

-- > After a fingerpointing exercise the vendor finally drags in their Professional Services

-- > PS needs to be paid, funny money is moved around and Marketing funds will be diverted to pay for flights and hotel

-- > PS translates technical matters into blame which gets divided proportionally between vendor, partner and customer. (or whoever is stupid enough to hang themselves)

5) Sales and Partner Sales take customer Management out to dinner

-- > Customer gets pampered with a nice meal and drinks, vendor pays

-- > Sales and Partner Sales a celebrating their success and compare wrist watches

-- > vendor Support and Idiot Sys Admin stay up all night working to resolve the issue

-- > Management want regular updates

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