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The worst star trek yet

Star Trek Beyond,my verdict.well first the positive,the movie starts good,in a well thought way with the characters in central place kirk,bones beautiful scenery etc etc...that was okay,second plus were the good use of humor especially the Bones/Spock dynamic witch still works great and as a third plus there is the scene where these bee like weapons attack the enterprise,good action spectacle in a sci fi world but then...................................................................this movie turns into the dumbest,most illogical,childish peace of crap to ever come out of the star trek movie book!!!!this thing was exactly what that so very often criticised trailer represented,a space movie with a bad kick ass bitch an ugly villan and the beasty boys music in space!!!oh did i mention kirk riding a motorcycle?Allright i can take an exaduration here and there,i can take a female sidekick to draw the puberty audience but these tottaly uninteresting characters were appaling.The villan Krall what was that?it looked like a cheap deep space 9 mask villan,i mean come on after people like Khan,or the incredible General Chang or the Borg Queen played by great actors really making a difference we get a good Actor in this rediculus cheap ugly villan B movie mask played by Idris Elba....what a waise of talent!then there is this star wars runaway character with the awfull paintings on her face jaylah what is her role?other than to be this kick ass female character she is so boring outside of 14year old kids who mabe like her i dont get what that has to do in a major big budget Star Trek movie,but maby is that just it,Major Star Trek movies just get dumber and dumber?when i first heard that Justin Lin was to direct the next Star Trek my stomach just turned over,are you really serious???????????Fast and furious does Star Trek,you know what i wanted to do watching this crap movie?i just wanted to cry because they just destroyed the one sacred thing in sci fi world to me,this epic idea from 1966 by Gene Roddenbery with this human hope for the future,relationships,morals special entitys meetings etc etc and they just killed that off with BEYOND!and if it could not get any worse the best is yet to come nearing the end of this movie it seemed that a beasty boys song would be the ultimate weapon against this highly advanced alien race........pardon me......are you really serious.....i mean what do they think we are?a bunch of idiots???This is by far and i mean that it is even worse than insurrection by far the worst thing i have ever seen in the Star Trek movie line up,it even is the worst movie i saw this year!!!!!!from the wrath of khan i saw every Star Trek in the theaters and allways more than once,just because i am such a fan,even into darkness with its serious story wholes i saw a few times as it had a certain charme and quality to it,but this tragedy i hope i will never have to see again in my life!!!sad so very sad,there are so many things i could keep on saying about it why it is so bad i could write a book about it!the death of Star Trek is called Beyond.

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