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I hadn't encountered any information on where in the timeline the new series occurs; given the registry number on the ship in the teaser/trailer that came out recently (NCC-1031) I was thinking it might be somewhere between Enterprise and TOS - presuming that in general, registry numbers trend upward. (Voyager, after all, is NCC-74656!) Can you give me a pointer to what makes you say it comes after The Undiscovered Country?

This is the weird thing about Star Trek being split between Paramount and CBS - the movies and TV don't necessarily have to have anything to do with each other, and that ... bothers me, though in this instance the fact the TV series won't have anything to do with Jar-Jar Abrams' pollution of the franchise is a good thing. (I use that name because it was when I saw the interview where he said that he had always been "more of a Star Wars fan" I got my first bad feeling about the reboot.)

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