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The horrible thing is...

...there are people out there who think these three crapfest films are actually Star Trek.

Personally, my three favorite films out of the franchise are Wrath of Khan, The Voyage Home and First Contact but generally I think Star Trek has been at its best as episodic television. Sure, there were weak, even cringe-worthy episodes in all the series - but there were also amazing gems and a lot of solidly entertaining episodes. The tension of "Balance of Terror"; the intensity of "Chain of Command", "In The Pale Moonlight" or "The Year of Hell"; the social commentary of "A Private Little War", "Past Tense", "Death Wish" or "Similitude"; the sheer artistry of "The City on the Edge of Forever" or "The Inner Light". And I can't pass up the chance to mention what I think is the masterpiece of the Animated series: "Yesteryear," our look at what Spock's childhood was like - and a brilliant, sensitive handling of the issue of a child losing a beloved pet, inside the science fiction. (And yes, this is where we found out the name of Spock's home town: ShiKahr. Gene Roddenberry may have wavered on the "canon-icity" of TAS, but clearly the writers who wove its details into other episodes knew a good thing when they saw it.)

I sincerely doubt we'd ever see ANY of that richness in the so-called "Kelvin continuity" because it's all rooted in the values of Star Trek that those currently in charge of the franchise apparently don't understand.

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