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"I was hoping that in this thread I'd find a printer manufacturer that, after all these decades, had learned the gentle art"

Kyocera for Mono network printers.

1) Reasonable price, reliable, comes with duplexer as standard and lowest running costs of any printer in the size class of the printer.

2) Good availability of good quality remanufactured/compatible toners that are as good as the originals yet a quarter of the price.

3) Bigger capacity cartridges than most comparable competition with a lower cost as Kyocera only put toner in their cartridges, and not half the parts in the printer Yes, glaring at HP here.

4) Generally laughs at user stupidity like feeding in paper at a 45% angle, chews up misfeeds and spits them out instead of collapsing and crying for a service engineer.

5) The major components are designed to come out very easily and don't require any tools to remove.

6) You can buy a maintenance kit containing every single major component and moving part in the printer, so you can do maintenance yourself without relying on an external engineer who charges more than the repair for his callout charge.

7) When you have replaced major components then a reasonable BOFH can repair the components themselves by replacing the fuser roller for instance giving you a practically new unit for 1/10th of the cost of the entire assembly. Any of these jobs can be done easily with nothing more than a standard phillips screwdriver.

8) Microsoft bundle a certified driver in windows, and you can get the Kycoera driver without any unwanted software which offers all of the functionality that you could want.


While the higher printer models are great (eg, numbers starting 2*** or 4***) don't touch the 1*** series printers with a fully unreeled box of CAT5. Awful bloody things.

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