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Canon and error #99

Seriously Canon, why can't you implement a system like HP, where if the printer drivers and trays are set to A4 and someone gets a document from the US with letter, it just friggin' prints to A4?

Why is it that after 6+ years of using your UFR II driver, did we find we have to figure out how to get PCL working without it literally wiping out text from PDF's our systems generate? (that one was fun considering they were legally binding contracts we were printing.

Or even funnier, they used to have this wheel displaying the paper size on each tray, on our previous printers, if a staff member bumped the wheel, the MFP would throw up error #99 NG (would you believe it stands for "No Go") and we would look all over the place for jammed paper in the tray, in the MFP, scratch our heads, power cycle the unit, try again, try different documents, swap trays, tell Canon it works with the tray swapped, they would get a tech to site and he would re-position the wheel and it would work.

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