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I was too busy to finish my post, so here's the rest:

The people who do these types of skimming and embezzling are often also the ones who are the office asshole. You know, either the constantly cranky ones or the smiling backstabbers. The constant pressure to maintain the scam and pretenses and misdirection literally eat them up inside. Or they are mad at the world in general and figure they deserve self administered bonuses.

As for Texas, I've done business there and the amount of business fuckery is so high that the federal budget simply does not allow for the investigation and prosecution of it all. Remember, it's the oil and gas capital of the world. Literally. From trading to engineering to production, Texas is central to the entire worldwide operations in one way or another. With that amount of power and money, how could there not be high fuckery?

The amount of money wasted by business and government in that state is staggering. Yet they never seem to waste it on the average person.

So word to the wise: never let any romance of Texas blind you to the dirty reality. You can make money. You can also get screwed hard just as easy. The guy in this article is a very prevalent type.

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