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physical goods are easy:

  • We need 32GB RAM
  • Local supplier has that for £100
  • Your "cousins" IT re-seller business with only one customer has it for £250...
in fact, I'm not sure that's even illegal, I mean, highly unethical, but not sure if it would class as being illegal...

Now scale that up in items and over a few years, items are in the companies inventory and any housekeeping will identify them there, maybe an overly zealous bean counter may rap you on the knuckles for not finding the best price and doesn't believe your retort of better customer service / more generous returns service etc... so you spin down that "preferred supplier" and spin up another.

Hell, you could even talk colleagues into using them and mitigate your own exposure..

Also, consultant services should be offsite meetings, where travel and beer money sustenance expenses are included..

Really, I'm surprised at how much he managed to snaffle with such amateur approaches...

Anon as a I may be Technical Director for a large firm...

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