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Ah, printers. brings back so many memories...

I've been on a couple sides of printers: as the service droid, the poor IT droid who's tasked with front line maintenance before calling the vendor's service group, and the network admin who's tasked with making sure the bells whistles and gongs all play nicely with our network.

The older, non-MFP monochrome HPs are still my favorite of all the machines I've worked with. (the old-skool laserjet4/5 and the 4100-4350s mostly.) Canon imagerunners are tanks once they are set up, but it's the setting up and requisite chicken waving with finding the right drivers that drove me nuts as the frontline support droid tasked with getting it up and running. The LDAP lookup on it is a bit squirrely, but it (mostly) worked once you figured out the exact setting strings to feed it. (the web interface on it was kinda meh.

Any color laser printer? Anymore I'll just NOPE right out, especially when you either hear the phrase 'all the replaceable parts are also all classed as consumable parts' and the repair bill is nearly 4 digits because you had to swap out *every* consumable to track down a rogue print quality issue before finally discovering the problem lies with the last consumable you've replaced on it. (instead of it being the first thing swapped out, because it was also the most expensive stand alone consumable that usually lasts for half the printer's expected service life. Stupid Xerox.)

The tektronix (ne Xerox) phasers were *awesome* printers... once you got past the outrageous purchase and consumable cost, the 20 minute startup/shutdown time, and that it ate a full set of those crayons during the startup process. Beautiful printer and fantastic output, also assuming some numpty didn't mash one of the crayons into the wrong damn slot...

Lexmarks were... ok, as long as you understood the quirky way they were put together, and didn't mind having an entire spare printer to swap in when the first one breaks down. Dells were just re-badged lexmarks with all the same quirks, and the additional downside of having a non-lexmark firmware on them.

As far as MFPs, The hp M3035mfp was... decent enough, as long as you used it like a lightweight copier. (see above mini-rant on the canon imagerunners)

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