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Sleepless nights and DIY backup!!

Livedrive new exactly what they were doing was going to upset everyone.

They actually called me to ask if I had received the 'important email'. When I replied, no what's it all about, the voice on the phone became agitated and shifty. The voice then told me they would send the email again and call me tomorrow to check I'd received it.

It never arrived and I eventually went hunting for an answer on the website.

I was shocked to see that I was now being billed by the TB each month. My clients had 25TB+ backed up.

I tried reasoning with them. I even talked about legal action. All they kept saying was, 'it's to strengthen the relationship we have with our resellers.' WTF guys Seriously??

What could I do? I can't just close the account and leave all my clients in the lurch. It was that bad that I wasn't sleeping at night.

So I decided there and then to build my own cloud backup server. It's stable, robust and running very well. My clients have so far all been very co-operative as I'm still in the process of migrating all my Livedive (pun intended) clients to the new system. So far I have managed to get the storage, and the monthly fee, down to under 7TB.

If anyone wants help to build their own system please ask. I'd be happy to help anyone else get out of this mess they created.

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