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Reminds me of a set of extremely expensive line printers that were bought solely to print bar code cards, which were attached to the front of vehicles as they moved round the track of a well known UK vehicle manufacturer to identify their build specs. They were built like tanks, took about about an hour to set up so that they'd work with the track management system (no display, all menus and selections were printed out - GRRRRRR!!!), and were completely incapable of printing the cards without jamming up every 20 minutes and stopping the track. In the end they had to have an engineer standing by each printer just to clear paper jams, as track stoppages cost thousands of pounds.

Why were these particular printers chosen? Lets just say that the printer manufacturer's area salesman was best man at one of the head procurement manager's wedding. The manufacturer of such wondrous devices? I shall just refer to them as Monumental-Titwank and leave it at that...

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