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Star Trek Beyond: An unwatchable steaming pile of tribble dung

Michael Strorm

"I am amazed at the narrow-minded hatred for I Robot [..] No, the film doesn't follow any of Asimov's stories."

That's because the script originally had nothing to do with Asimov or his stories, and the "I, Robot" name was later slapped on, along with some references to Asimov's laws:-,_Robot_(film)#Development

This may go some way to explaining the negative reception among some sci-fi fans.

I've never seen the film myself, except a brief clip where I was flicking through TV channels and the CGI robots and the way they moved and looked appeared *really* fake, even by the standards of ten years ago. Robots should be far easier to do mimic convincingly than humans or animals, and they didn't even manage that.

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