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"Oh you're one of those miserable people that whines about other people doing something that they find full Just because you don't.. what a full and exiting life you must lead, sitting in your house complaining about kids nowadays..."

@ 'pointless' A.C.

- Have I touched a nerve about how your fun new hobby is a pointless time-waster fad?

- 90% will have forgotten all about it in a few weeks, a further 8% will get bored as soon as the difficulty ramps up.

- Last comment was written on from the pub (on a Nintendo 3DS, no end of crap free Poke-mon apps on that, Poke-dex, Poke-mon Picross - every time I delete one, another appears), You don't have to sit in your house to complain about 'kids nowadays' - haven't you heard of mobile communication?

"I'll bet back in your day all you had was a tin can and a dead cat on a stick to play with... And you were glad to have them!"

- I've just seen more crassly exploitive fads than you have, clearly. You end up with a pile of junk that takes up space and nobody wants after a month.

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